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Yaking can be a great adventure or it can ruin one's day depending on how experienced you are and what kind of gear and knowledge you take with you on the water.

We are here to offer the knowledge you'll need to get on the water safely while having fun. When beginning in the world of yaking finding the right gear can be a challenge. You search kayak online and get millions of results but they normally don't give you a feel for if those kayaks are right for you.

Yakpedia is working hard to bring you comprehensive lists of kayaks, PFD's, paddles and their makers, those lists won't do a whole lot of good unless you know a little about what your'e looking for. Below are four categories that most looking to get into yaking will find themselves in. Take a look through them and start thinking about being on the water.

Recreational @radpozniakov.jfif


If you're looking for your first kayak this is probably where you will start. These kayaks are meant for easy paddling on flat water. They are not designed for open water paddling such as at sea or a large lake with waves.

Sea Kayak @frankbusch.jfif

Sea & Touring

If you're looking for a faster kayak or one designed for the open water these are the kayaks for you. These kayaks are faster and track better in the water but as a trade-off, they are less stable and not recommended for inexperienced paddlers.

Fishing Kayak @harrisonkugler.jfif


Almost everyone has gone fishing in their life but fishing from a kayak is a whole new experience. If you are not worried about weight and think you might do some fishing you may want to go with this style. You do get better stability as a benefit with the extra weight.

Foldable Kayak Photo by @kalenemsley and

Inflatable & Foldable

If storage space is an issue or you need something that may be a bit lighter these are the way to go. With all types of kayaks there are pros and cons, durability is the thing to look out for here. While these offer a better solution for some they won't hold up others.

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